Designer Creates Whimsical New Font That Changes Shape as You Type

Designer Odysseas Galinos Paparounis is always looking toward the future. As the founder of Høly, an agency made up of “curious explorers of design,” the Greek graphic designer’s innovative and imaginative approach to typography is particularly evident in his newest creation, Futuracha Pro-a typeface that evolves before your eyes.

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Futuracha Pro features Art Nouveau-like swirls and curves contrasted by simple serifs. While this whimsical look may be eye-catching as is, its design truly comes to life as you type. With each keystroke of this new font, the letters change shape. Many are adorned with additional swirls, others become elongated, and some simply stay the same. According to Paparounis, these stylistic add-ons are entirely in the name of art. “Most fonts take advantage of ligatures and embellishments in an attempt for visual corrections,” he tells The Huffington Post. “[Futuracha Pro] places creativity beside functionality, play before instructions, experimentation before manuals.”

In terms of its influences, Futuracha Pro is a fascinating fusion. In addition to the Futura typeface, Paparounis sought inspiration from a very unlikely source: cockroaches. As a design student, he was asked to illustrate the overlooked insects. While observing his models, his gaze wandered to their curled antennae and thorny legs. These unexpected features eventually inspired the organic aesthetic of Futuracha Pro. Paparounis even named the typeface after the helpful bugs, as “Futuracha” is a clever combination of “Futura” and “cucaracha” (the Spanish word for “cockroach”).

Right now, the typeface is only available to graphic designers who are able to configure and position every, single letter. Høly, however, hopes to change that. Through a crowdfunding page, the agency aims to make Futuracha Pro an accessible, Open Type Font. You can learn more about the project and donate through Indiegogo.


This is Futuracha Pro.

Futuracha Pro typeface

It is a new font with stylized letters that change shape as you type.

Futuracha Pro typeface

Its alphabet features unique, Art Nouveau-like letters.

Futuracha Pro typeface
Futuracha Pro typeface


Each letter is composed of a unique and evolving set of parts.

Futuracha Pro typeface
Futuracha Pro typeface
Futuracha Pro typeface

You can still pre-order font licenses at a discounted price and a series of Futuracha-inspired perks at the Høly shop.

Høly: Website | Facebook | Behance
h/t: [The Huffington Post]

All images via Høly.


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  • Dianna Quennoz

    Ohhhhhh I’d love to try out this font. It’s fascinating. Hope I can be 1 of the 1st offered to purchase it. Depending on price, I’ll probably buy the download.

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