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We blog about the best graphic design resources like fonts, mockups, templates, photos & design elements and we blog about the design process. We give you learning tips and tips on where you’ll find the best graphic design resources deals.


How to Design Vintage Polo Shirts

A case study of a Vintage Polo Shirts design workflow. You'll be taken through the steps of Concept Creation, Finding the Right Type, Terminology, Badge Design, Shirt Layout, Coloring, Choosing Material and Finalizing Design. An interesting read, with screen shots, for graphic designers and fashion entrepreneurs.

Designing and Promoting a top 40 Hit

Whammer Slammer is a Dutch top 40 hit of the mid 90′s. Made by Waakzaamheid creative director Dennis Vet and dance producer Patrick Prins who was a regular visitor of the dance club. Patrick had the idea for a track late one night at the club and went to his studio. The next morning the music of Whammer Slammer was finished. That week he had the crew from the club come to his studio and lay down the vocals.

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