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Books cost a lot and they should because authors put a lot of research and work into them. For many (independent / free lance) designers and developers it’s a big investment for something that does not pay itself back right away (like a design resource ;-). Let alone real life courses.

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Free Learning Resources

YouTube is a great free source for tips and tricks and for learning new skills but it’s not easy to find in depth learning materialSo here are a few tips for you:

Photoshop Mastering

There are a lot of photographers that are teaching these days. But none of them have the combined creativity/photography/photoshop skills that Aaron Nace of Phlearn has. Check out the free in depth tutorials of  Phlearn on YouTube

Paid Online Training

On line learning sites like Lynda.com cost $25 per month and vtc.com (Virtual Training Company) cost $30 per month and give you step by step, in depth, up to date learning material. You will learn fast with great results but not all of us have that budget. I was a frequent user of vtc.com for over 2 years, I’m a big fan.


Deals on eBooks

Deals on eBooks are always welcome. Mighty Deals always has a couple for a low price. Check these out:

If you have any tips on learning please share it in the comment section below.


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