Have A Great Monday Everyone.

To all people having trouble starting the week.

I made this pancake specially for you.

How I did this?

Photoshop.  I Googled for a picture of a pancake, found it and fixed it to my liking. Then I found a background and made the plate using shapes and layer styles. For the text I used a font and again… layer styles.

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Do you want the Photoshop file so you can write your own text on a pancake?

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  • Roz Berlin

    LOVE IT…the typography is just beautiful, and I am dying to know how you did it? If you say that you wrote with actual Syrup, you are a GENIUS!! I can see this as a lovely poster in an office, maybe with a small calendar along the bottom?? You should expand ideas on Marketing this in other ways…like mugs, or offer to a Pancake House for use on their menus or other advertising.

    • Thom

      Hi Roz, it’s all digital.
      Handwriting font and Photoshop layer styles.
      The pancake is a photo. The plate not.
      Thanks for the ideas.

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