Designing and Promoting a top 40 Hit

Whammer Slammer is a Dutch top 10 hit of the mid 90′s. Made by Waakzaamheid creative director Dennis Vet and dance producer Patrick Prins who was a regular visitor of the dance club.

A slammer is a shot of Tequila with 7up. Put a coaster on top, slam it on the bar en drink it all at once. The whole Waakzaamheid crew drank it on party nights.

Patrick had the idea for a track late one night at the club and went to his studio. He worked all night and the next morning the music of Whammer Slammer was finished. That week he had the crew from the club come to his studio and lay down the backing vocals.

The next party night the track was tested in the club and the visitors loved it. Creative director Dennis took the part on him of promoting the track and putting together the live act. Yours truly was asked to give creative input and do all of the graphic design. Not strange because I was in the creative team and made all the promotional artwork for De Waakzaamheid in the 90’s.

We had coasters printed for the slammering at the club. The bottle was used for promoting the track and was given to radio dj’s along with the single and the coaster. That worked great.

The single made it to position 11 and remained in the Dutch Top 40 for 8 weeks.


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