24 Editable Header/Hero Images to Engage Visitors

Header or Hero images? Either way, engaging images that grab your audience and make them want to find out more about the person, the service, the product or the project. Not only great for website headers but also for presentations, portfolios, magazines, advertising etc. Here’s my selection of 24 Editable Header Hero Images found on Creative Market.

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Art Equipments Scene Generator V3

Art Equipments Scene Generator A great pack for artists. Now you can show your works in a professional way. Select from any awesome items. Old boxes, brushes, old stuffs, pens, papers, sketch books etc. Paste your designs into them or make old box or old sketch notebook covers with your special signature.

Header Hero Image

Zero Gravity Stage Generator

Zero Gravity Stage Generator You can get very unique and remarkable presentations. Drag & Drop any object into your scene, move, rotate or scale them and give them some blur to get focus on your work etc… In fact your are so free and you have no GRAVITY.

Header Hero Image

Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1

Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1 is one PSD at 2400×1600 – 72dpi. You can change the colour of almost all 24 Isolated Items. Freely move and rotate due to Dynamic shadows: use Global Lighting to change the direction of the light.

Header Hero Image

Header Stationery Scene Generator

Header Stationery Scene Generator All items have dynamic shadows, so you can move, rotate, scale any item and get the same best result with light effect. These files are in high resolution, so that you can make little or big scene for your needs.

Header Hero Image

Universal Constructor

Universal Constructor can be used as an identity mock-up, landing pages project, website header presentation etc. Each object has it’s individual shadow that will change direction depending on it’s own rotation. It’s easy to change the direction of the light of the whole composition.

Header Hero Image

Custom Hero Scene

Custom Hero Scene Includes 10 adjustable, layered and non-destructive objects, 3 of which come with screen replacers and features a dark mode, 3 wooden backgrounds. Dynamic shadows too – move and rotate objects freely.

Header Hero Image

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Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1

Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1 Change the size, position, rotation or even hide the object from the scene. Change the direction of the shadow of the whole composition!

Header Hero Image

Header Image Mock-up

Header Image Mock-up 5 PSD files. You can change all screen images via Smart Object and change the background image. Edit 3D letters in Photoshop CS6 or CC Extended. In CS4+ they becomes rasterized.

Header Hero Image

Hero & Header Mockup Creator

Hero & Header Mockup Creator holds over 130 items plus more than 20 backgrounds. Create your own scenes at 3480 x 2316 px. You can create infinite custom hero & header images choosing from tons of branding elements in a matter of seconds.

Header Hero Image

Header & Stationery Mock Up Creator

Header & Stationery Mock Up Creator holds 100+ items. Create your stationery or header mock up. Lot of items have multiple positions for a better realism. These files are in high resolution, so that you can make little or big scene.

Header Hero Image

Flat Hero Image Creator

Flat Hero Image Creator A set of flat vectors with 3 Different Background Options. Just drag the vector you want to the background and arrange as you will. Includes the sample hero image by default. Requires Adobe Illustrator.

Header Hero Image

Poster Presentation Scene Generator

Poster Presentation Scene Generator

Flat Hero Header Creation Kit

Flat Hero Header Creation Kit Set of 50+ pixel-perfect, movable items. The illustration is fully layered and created with vector shapes in Photoshop. Included are 2 sample files with demo layouts.

Header Hero Image

Device Mockups

Device Mockups This pack contains 24 mockups. In the single PSD file comes all original devices, along with 6 made examples. Smart-layers allow replacement of screenshots.

Header Hero Image

12 Vintage Hero Images (+ Bonus)

12 Vintage Hero Images (+ Bonus) are using a variety of different objects and backgrounds. The iPad, iPhone, notebooks and more are perfect for adding custom graphics thru Smart objects. Plus 8 professional quality bonus photos. Objects can’t be moved.

Header Hero Image

8 Designer Essentials Hero Images

8 Designer Essentials Hero Images Choose from either a square/aligned or a angled/in the corners layout of the elements. All screens, the business cards and notebook use smart objects allowing you to easily replace the contents with your own.

Header Hero Image

25 Header/Hero images – Wood series

25 Header/Hero images – Wood series Replace screens via smart oblects add tagline and you are set! Objects can’t be moved. All arrangements come with a laptop open and closed version.

Header Hero Image

12 Headline Images (Dark Edition)

12 Headline Images (Dark Edition) Replace screens via smart oblects add tagline and you are set! Objects can’t be moved.

Header Hero Image

10 Travel Hero images: Dark series

10 Travel Hero images: Dark series All the screens an the Polaroids in the photos have a replaceable Smart Object making it easy for you to drop in your own designs or images. Objects can’t be moved.

Header Hero Image

16 Hero/Header images Vol.1

16 Hero/Header images Vol.1 with replaceable Smart Object screen with iPad or iPhone centerpiece. Wood background, beautiful food surroundings, fashion/magazine style and funky objects both for boys and girls. Print ready at 300 dpi.  Just add tagline and you are set!

Header Hero Image

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12 Hero Headers Mock-ups Set #3

Hero Headers Mock-ups Set #3 Just add tagline and you are set! You can edit the Macbook, the magazine, the notebook, iPad, iPhone and the business cards via smart objects. Bonus 50+ vintage photos.

Header Hero Image

19 Artist Hero/Header Mockups

19 Artist Hero/Header Mockups The sketchpads use replaceable Smart Objects. The vignette is applied in a separate layer and can be turned off. Image sizes: 5616x3744px and saved at 300dpi.

Header Hero Image

8 Customizable Hero Header Templates

8 Customizable Hero Header Templates Just update or replace the text, and replace the iPad image via Smart Objects. Including are 8 PSD templates with distinct themes. Objects can’t be moved.

Header Hero Image

25 Bread Header Mock-up

Bread Header Mock-up 25 High quality, print ready image mock-ups. All you need to do is replace this text and you ready to go. Bread icon is included.

Header Hero Image

20 Outdoor Hero Header Images

20 Outdoor Hero Header Images with a variety of object positions and lighting. These ones are not editable but they are great to put a headline into. These are fantastic photographs for use in website headers, landing pages, or print designs.

Header Hero Image

Which one is perfect for the project you’re working on?

You’ve just seen 24 beautiful engaging images. Which one is perfect for your project? Tell me in the comments below and you’ll receive a nice present by email.

Check also our ever expanding collection of Editable Header/Hero on Pinterest.

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