Icon Builder pt. 1 – Icon Dude

Icon Dude is part 1 of Icon Builder. An illustration Pack for creating iconic illustrations for the promotion of mobile navigation apps. Show what your mobile app can do by using these illustrations on your sales page and video.

Combine Icon Dude with a directional shape and place him on a smartphone illustration with a map illustration. Place Icon Dude with smartphone in hand in front of an illustration of a store.
Combine, move, scale, color… Build your own Icon illustration with these editable building blocks.

Icon Dude is vector and has adjustable arms. He comes in 5 leg variations. From static pin like pose (for placement on maps) to full legs. No feet and face because it’s an icon. He stands still and he walks with or without smartphone, shopping bag, laptop bag, suitcase or camera bag.

• Vector (2x .ai files)
• Adjustable arms
• Adjustable hair color
• 10 carefully selected hair colors
• 2 carefully selected suit colors
• 5 leg variations
• Turn face shadow on/off.
• Turn drop shadow on/off.
• 5 bag illustrations
• Text balloons

Check out 133 Directional Shapes. Use separately or in combination with Icon Dude.



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